Consumer Reports 2015 Best Value Goes To Toyota Camry Hybrid

consumer reports 2015 best value

The Camry has picked up so many awards over the years that we’re no longer surprised to hear about new ones. We here at Bill Walsh Toyota have come to sort of just expect it. But that doesn’t mean we should ignore the Camry’s accolades! The latest attention Consumer Reports heaped upon Toyota’s classic sedan is definitely worth putting up on the fridge. But there is an interesting twist: it’s for the hybrid version.

That’s right. The Consumer Reports 2015 Best Value Award went to the Toyota Camry Hybrid. Torque News helps us look a little closer at this prestigious award. We learn that Consumer Reports not only looks at five-year cost of ownership, but also gives contenders a road test.

CR certainly did not hold back when it came to praising the 2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid. They called it “stone cold reliable,” while remarking of its “comfort and all-around functionality.” And naturally, the Camry’s fuel economy, at 38 mpg, didn’t hurt its chances of winning, either.

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