Toyota iRoad Prototype Takes on California

Toyota is stepping outside of its box, bringing its latest contraption—a  three-wheeled, one-person motor vehicle—to California. Born in Japan, the Toyota iRoad is tiny, electric, and most importantly, it’s fun. Like, really fun. Take one look at this driver taking the iRoad for a test spin, and you’ll want in on the action, too.

Toyota is putting the iRoad to the test, asking drivers in Japan, France, and now San Francisco to take the little electric car for a spin.  In cities where traffic is brutal, gas prices are high, and commuters just want to get to their destination already, the simple, efficient, and ridiculously-cool iRoad could be just the thing drivers are looking for.

The iRoad is powered by a lithium cell battery, which offers a driving range of 30 miles, goes a top speed of about 37 mph, and can be fully recharged in three hours. Just over three feet wide, the iRoad can comfortably fit the driver, and claims to have room for a small to medium-sized person behind the driver’s seat. In reality, it looks like there might be just enough room for your bag, but that’s about it.

So far, the iRoad has been incredibly well-received. Toyota business development manager Jason Schulz points out that “Every single person, their first reaction is, ‘This is fun!’ You can actually watch people start to grin.” While we admit that “fun” is a long way from “practical,” here at Bill Walsh Toyota, we can’t help but love the idea of these little cars getting us to and from work.

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