April Is Distracted Driver Awareness Month

We’ve all seen it—someone sitting in their car and doing some serious multi-tasking: driving, texting, eating, and who knows what else. While being this productive can be good in other parts of your life; behind the wheel, it is extremely dangerous.

April is national Distracted Driver Awareness month and we’re going to share some valuable tips that we hope will help make you a more conscious driver.

One of the primary culprits in distracted driving is, of course, your phone. It can be hard to ignore that little jingle from your phone, but making safety a priority will keep you and those around you safer. Did you know that at any moment in the United States, there are 660,000 drivers using a phone behind the wheel? These drivers are at least three times more likely to get into an accident than those who aren’t distracted.

In addition to phone use, distracted driving includes eating behind the wheel, adjusting your radio, grooming, and even talking to passengers. While some of these activities are nearly unavoidable (you probably have to talk to your kids in the backseat from time to time), you should make every effort to stay focused on the road.

One simple way to do this is to put your phone away and only use it while you’re parked. You can also commit to not doing other things, like eating, while you’re driving. With a few simple changes, you can keep yourself and drivers around you a little bit safer.

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