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Toyota Ad Brings the World Together at 2016 Rio Olympics

During the 2016 Rio Olympics you may have noticed a commercial from Toyota that showed a medal ceremony and everyone joining hands. While you might think, “This looks like the Olympics,” only official Olympic sponsors can use the Olympic insignia and name. Toyota will get this honor next year, so in the meantime, we get a glimpse into Toyota’s “friendship tournament.”

This ad, called “Stand Together” not only celebrates the Olympic spirit, but is also a way to raise money for those in need. Toyota is encouraging people to share their own videos of people holding hands with the hashtag #LetsJoinHands. For every video, Toyota will then donate $20 to United Way, up to $250,000. The user-generated content may also be mixed together to create a new videos.

Jack Hollis, group VP-marketing for Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., said, “We believe, as our founder did, in the ‘power of togetherness’ and athletics is an amazing example of the power of teamwork. While we do not compete at the highest levels of sport on the playing field, we celebrate the spirit of collaboration every day, whether it is within the walls of Toyota, or in our interaction with our guests.”

Toyota’s official Olympic sponsorship will begin in January and will run through the end of 2024. This will include the 2018 Winter Oympics in Pyeonchange, South Korea; the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo; the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing; and the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Toyota One Bold Choice Campaign Continues at Super Bowl

Toyota continued its One Bold Choice campaign at the Super Bowl, where it aired two commercials that both celebrated living a life full of bold choices and developing bold lifestyle habits. One of the commercials continued to highlight the efforts of bold, inspiring dads, but another one took the campaign in a new direction. This new commercial features Paralympic medalist Amy Purdy doing all kinds of strenuous activities, from running to ballroom dancing.

The commercial also features Muhammad Ali, narrating his famous “How Great I Am” speech. The message of the commercial: “One Bold Choice Leads to Another.” “We’re very proud of the message our commercial sends about not only making bold choices, but living a bold life, and Amy Purdy represents that in everything she does. Amy inspires us, and to have her make her Super Bowl commercial debut with Toyota is something we’re thrilled about,” said Jack Hollis, group vice president of marketing, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

These Toyota ads are special because they go far beyond a simple decision to buy a car. They reach deep inside us, to inspire us and remind us of how much we can accomplish if we choose to make bold choices. Here at Bill Walsh Toyota, we’re simply excited to be part of a brand so committed to these values. Come see us today!