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Toyota Highlander Hybrid is the Perfect Road Trip Car

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid offers the perfect combination of features and performance for an incredible road trip. says that the Highlander is probably the best road trip vehicle available if you want to avoid minivans, and the Highlander Hybrid offers the same performance and technology with a boost in fuel economy.

The Highlander is the only mid-size SUV on the market to be offered with a hybrid option, mostly because the difference in fuel economy doesn’t look as good as it does in smaller cars, where the difference tends to be much greater. The Highlander Hybrid’s 28 mpg on the highway may not look like much, but compared to the regular Highlander’s 20 mpg, the hybrid is a surprising improvement.

And since SUVs and minivans are the preferred road trip car of families everywhere thanks to their superior seating and cargo volume, it makes sense to offer a car that also saves you money and time on your road trip because you don’t have to stop for gas as often. The writer who reviewed the Highlander Hybrid said that on his road trip they averaged 30.8 mpg on the highway, which is almost three mpg higher than the EPA estimate.

The Highlander Hybrid also comes with such comforts as a rear-seat Blu-ray player, and V6-equipped Highlanders come with a standard towing package with engine-cooling systems. The Highlander and Highlander Hybrid have everything you need for the perfect road trip!