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Bill Walsh Toyota – Blog – 2019 Toyota Supra Turbo

The Toyota Supra has always been around, but it’s about to gain even more popularity. This car, which has gone through major and minor innovations over the years, is becoming the all-new Toyota Supra Turbo.

U.S. News & World Report Writer Brian McHugh breaks down the ins and outs of the new Supra, which was first announced in 2016, a recreation of the true Japanese sports car. The Supra comes from the Toyota Celica, the original Toyota sports car from 1970.

Toyota and BMW have been working together on the Supra Turbo for a while, so you know it’ll thrill you when you see it. It will boast innovative and sleek styling with sharp body lines and an aggressive grille that will make it stand out on the road.

The Toyota Supra Turbo will have a sleek interior that screams “sports car.” Carbon-fiber materials with black leather and red accents will make you feel like a true race car driver behind the wheel.

Something else that makes the future Supra Turbo a true racecar is its power. Toyota has been hinting that Supra owners will have the choice between a four-cylinder and twin-turbo six-cylinder engine that is set to deliver 400 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque.

The Toyota Supra Turbo hasn’t hit the pavement yet, but when it does, be ready for a major thrill. We at Bill Walsh Toyota can’t wait to witness this sports car in action.

Toyota Supra Spy Pictures Released

Finally, Toyota Supra spy pictures have surfaced! The Supra, which Toyota is producing in conjunction with BMW, looks just like the Supra that went out of production in the early 2000s, and fans are thrilled. The iconic Supra sports car seems to have taken some inspiration from the FT-1 concept Toyota introduced at the Detroit Auto Show.

First announced in 2012, the Toyota-BMW partnership to produce a sports car hasn’t technically been named, but enthusiasts have long speculated that the car will be a remake of the Supra. Hints from the engineers working on the project have furthered rumors, and with these new photos, it’s all but confirmed.

BMW and Toyota will eventually produce a Z5 released under the BMW name as well as what is speculated to be a new Toyota Supra. This isn’t the first time two automakers have come together to produce low-volume, high-price models they would struggle to fund individually—Mazda and Fiat partnered to produce the Mazda MX-5 Miata and the Fiat 124 Spider.

In other Supra-related news, MotorTrend released a recent article that suggested the Supra may eventually include a hybrid model. The Toyota Europe CEO said he does not “have any doubt whatsoever that in the long-term future there will be a real Toyota sports model using electrification,” but nothing has been confirmed.